GameStop, AMC Shares Rally to Highest Level in Months -

GameStop, AMC Entertainment Shares Soar as Meme Stock Rally Returns -(WSJ)

Analysts say jump has likely been driven by a crosscurrent of factors that have prompted individual traders to pile in.

Realize that we are quickly approaching $AMC January ‘squeeze’ and 52-week high of $20.36 and still no end in sight to the ascent. 

Shorts have not covered. Margin call has not happened. This is not the squeeze. We love you all! We trust the Apes! This will be WORLD changing

The meme stocks are back.

Shares of companies that set the stock market and social media abuzz earlier this year are rallying again this week, rewarding individual investors who have held on for months. 

The AMC movement exposing how corrupt the financial market is and how everything is connected has made me a conspiracy theorist. We're still convinced the colonial pipeline “hacking” was a convenient excuse to regulate crypto, there was no hacker gang seeking a $5 million ransom.

GameStop Corp., AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., and Express Inc. are all up more than 36% week-to-date, pushing each stock to levels not seen for weeks—or in some cases, months.

The best thing about this price action, it’s purely hype! Looking at Ortex, no covering has taken place! Utilisation is still 99.7% this is just the beginning. 

You know what’s beautiful about the last 2 days of price action? The candles tell the whole story - nobody is fucking selling. So do ya’ll really believe Amc will hit 5 figures a share?