Net Neutrality--No More Internet Discrimination

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Let's educate ourselves on the implications, pros and cons. After the FCC approved 'open Internet' rules, by classifying the Web as a utility. Net Neutrality is regulation -- the same as the kind that oversees utility companies -- that enables continued competition, prevents throttling based on commerce, and assures online democracy. For once, the Government worked in favor of consumers in a bipartisan manner and now with President Donald Trump in office it's a viral social media trend online.

Ajit Pai, the senior Republican at the Federal Communications Commission, is slated to be the agency's new chairman stated."Though the net neutrality rules — after years in limbo — have now been affirmed in court, Pai and his fellow Republican FCC commissioner Mike O'Rielly have indicated plans to revisit those Internet regulations as well as other FCC rules." According to NPR. Net Neutrality means that when the phone company was a monopoly they couldn't be, internet providers can't make it where some people have faster access or more access than anybody else. Most people had a problem when they did it with phone companies. It is basically the same thing, instead of the little guy getting slower service for more and the big guy getting faster service it will make it so it is even.

Some may think that Oh great! Is this going to be like the Obamacare website but a million times worse? My thing is this, why is everyone complaining? If the government's not the one screwing you, the cable companies would have been. It means that cable companies can't control the internet.
Entrepreneurs are going to be effected according to Yahoo "The debate over the rules has been pointed, including among entrepreneurs. Mark Cuban, star investor on Shark Tank, has said publicly the new rule will "f*** everything up,'' noting that whatever action this group of FCC commissioners has opted not to take could be reversed by a future commission". It's called 'net neutrality' because they claim to be making the internet more accessible. As a result with great power comes great incompetence and corruption. The Government can 'throttle' access to sites they don't like, the cost of creating a website will increase and each site will have to abide by 'conduct' rules and censorship.

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