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This is a fascinating contribution to the conversation on social media shaming and call-out culture. The brunt of public shaming is exponentially worse with social media. A stupid mistake causes a tsunami of humiliation. The public shaming culture on social media is enough to make someone want to become a hermit. People are awful. How do you feel about fat shaming on social media? Let us know here after reading this blog. 

Public shaming and herd behavior in the age of social media."Body shaming": posting body pics that re-inscribe the idea of a normative body, with no other purpose. Delete these off your social media. It's hard to avoid the wrath of every group. Sure some are against apple pie, but now newspapers/radio/TV run the exact same stories, to displace the blame for the shaming to social media. Which is quite an achievement.  Social media seem to be intended for those who want to let their voices be heard, now it's the reason why people are afraid to speak freely and for a professional reporter to use the same tactics as high school kids, shaming one another online is kinda embarrassing. Shaming your ex on social media is such an illogical thing to do. Stop shaming and embarrassing your dog, dogs are people too. It is a cowardly act of feel-good. Shaming/criticism on social media as a blood sport needs to stop. But talking shouldn't mean a public shaming.

Slut-shaming is a positive, necessary, indispensable example as well and I see a lot of women on social media shaming other women for what they do in relationships calling them stupid and what. I find that dialect shaming is another form of shame work underway with written dialect on the internet. Anonymity, remoteness from the conflict, cowardice, and herd mentality are the cornerstones of social media shaming campaigns. It's so sad how some people thrive off shaming people, social media has changed our world but it’s time to think twice before sending that shameful message.

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