Don't Fall For The Social Media Hype

Viral Social Media
The thing about social media is all the unnecessary hype only to be disappointed. Stop expecting. Suddenly, everyone is very interested in boxing. All hail the power of social media hype. Reading social media it's clear the fight of the century didn't live up to the hype in the "fans" minds. For all the hype that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight got, I could easily find out who won by scrolling through social media.  From The SuperBowl to "Empire" on Fox, when ever it's trending on social media I'm just like, "sorry I'll be on social media again once the hype cools down bye". Almost no way May/Pac could live up to the hype in this social media era. The bigger question: what now for boxing? Where's the next star?

All these unscrupulous big companies can’t get away with what they used to because of social media. CEOs of publicly traded companies can't tweet or are discouraged from using social media because it affects stock prices. Social media is risky for companies because of customer tendency to complain to followers on social media and will effect the brand and it's future. Challenger brands are "kicking the asses" of some larger companies because they are doing #SocialMedia right.

So many small business companies assume that millennials "know" social media/tech because of their age. Sadly, it's not so true, it's all about popularity if it's new and popular, people will join. Social media started to gain relevance when Myspace was created and as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter came about, then major corporations saw it as a goldmine for marketing purposes. I believe a boycott of companies has a better chance of success now because of social media than at any other time in history. So many companies still view social media as a "negative thing" because of potential poor reviews.

I love to get free stuff online. But I turn so much of it down because a lot of companies have a poor grasp on bartering & social media placement. I stopped following companies on Twitter because too many tweets affect my attention span. Why do so many big companies believe that people only follow them on social media because of how awesome they are. When in fact most followers only follow because they want to hold on to that power to contact and file a complain about products and services. Companies gotta smarten up...with today's social media folks are quick to get information and quicker to not support because of bad press. The End.
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