Your Social Media Presence Suck!

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Let me be blunt, I am speaking to you: Does your social media presence suck? You bet it does. Being "somebody" requires a social media presence so that every thing you say and do can be recorded. Imagine caring about something other than my social media presence. Every spam account is a coffee aficionado, bacon lover, social media guru who goes on frequent tears about hypocrites & false friends. Instagram popularity is getting more relevant to be booked as a model. Is Social Media presence emerging in professional relevance? Some people need to stop putting every detail of their relationship on social media. Some things should be kept between you and your lover. It has been mentioned to me that my social media presence can come across as a tad abrasive & undiplomatic. My blogs may suck but my social media presence is killer. Family BBQ's suck because no one cares about my social media presence or how fire my footwear selection is. I am reduced to a mere mortal. If you don't like me, don't stalk me on social media.

If you ever attempt to win an argument by saying you have more social media presence, and the argument is not about social media, you suck. Note to companies, worry less about your social media presence, focus instead on making your products & services suck less. Social media is a brilliant way to build your brand...but it can suck hours out of your day. You have to take control, you suck as a human if all you care about is how you're perceived on social media, it must suck to be publicly denied by a person you're really interested in on social media. I love people who follow me on social media because of Jealousy. Like, I stay to myself, it's not my fault you suck!!!
Saying you suck on social media is like dynamite fishing for compliments. Whenever I see someone on social media refer to their spouse/significant other as "my lover" I instinctively cover my eyes. Maybe, you’re wondering “what are they doing, do you often find yourself looking on social media at photos of your friends. If it ever seems like someone has their life together on social media don't you worry. they still suck like the rest of us. If you post spoilers for TV shows on social media you suck. I hope you don't become one of those people on social media that has a bio like "mother, wife lover of Jesus and ikea meatballs".  We live in a society where love is determined how quick you get a text back or how much you get flaunted on social media. If your lover, friend, or family can't be on social media without you stalking all their pages, checking for bad things...something is wrong. The worse people to follow on social media? Those who go from single, to in a relationship, to in love, to a whole new lover all in one month. There's no point in having you on my timeline if you're not going to reply to anything.  Whether you show your off your lover on social media or not, will not change my life. If that is your choice, then so be it. The End.
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