Social Media Affecting Your Attention Span!

viral social media trend

Social media gave me such a short attention span, I can't even focus on reading something that's more than 140 characters. I am a TwitterJunkie who will pay attention to anything that is a viral social media trend. We have 8 seconds to communicate our brand message via video on social media - gold fish attention span syndrome! I think the smartphone has made people rude . When a person speaks to you, you should not answer your smartphone. That is not smart. Yes, my attention span is affected by my smartphone in a way that the only way to communicate with me is through social media and text. I rarely speak directly to people. There's nothing wrong with my attention span. Although I think my smartphone has made me a touch retarded. I like potatoes. I don't have a Smartphone, so it doesn't affect me at all! My phone is from the Stone Age and has no bells and whistles or a camera. Not important to me at all.

Smart phones are the only way possible for aliens to easily control humans for when they invade. I checked my phone two times while scrolling down to my own timeline and it was the second post. Smartphones have ruined my attention span and I think my study habits have definitely suffered since getting one. I gave a presentation for my undergraduate degree about iPhones. We asked the class to leave their phones out, but listen to our presentation as a discussion was to follow. We counted about half of the class peering down at their phones when their notifications came in. Some even touched the home button for who knows what reason... (Maybe we were boring). However, it was clear, their attention was split... and they might not have even realized it. I just don't get the essence of leaking stuff. The attention span on social media is a quarter of the time that you take just gathering information.

My brain is fried.. People talk to me.. I get a text message... I'm still talking... And I totally loose my train of thought because I zeroed in into my text message.... I need a slap!! Lol. Mine hasn't been affected in any way. You have to keep things in moderation. I'm not always glued to my phone. I don't even have the patience to wait for a downloaded video on FaceBook. If it takes more than 10 seconds to view, I go on to the next message. That's sad. One significant thing social media has changed and would be on the rise is the decrease in attention span because information explosion.
Most videos shared on social media are like sub 30 seconds long because we all have no attention span anymore. The culture of public shaming let people on social media produce results of justice but also means attention span for these crimes are short. The time that others spend watching TV, I spend on social media and online reading. Especially since blogging already shortened my attention span. However! on social media the clumsy, awkward, amusing kid with the short attention span is king! Having a job in has led to my shortened attention span. CMS +content articles+ creating content+ pulse on all...but I love it!
viral social media trend
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