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Wifi is down and society is collapsing. I can't live without it. I'm about to fly in a plane without wifi. Pray for me. How can someone live without wifi in this generation, I mean how do you get rid of your boredom. Public places without free wifi should be demolished. My first few days of camp were amazing so excited to be able to spend my summer there. Back in wifi society. I'm so getting a portable wifi hotspot. Internet I'm coming for you my love. People who give you their wifi password without you asking are the best. I like that we now live in a world where you're a useless, nonfunctional member of society if you don't have wifi. The Metronorth is living in the dark ages. Please install wifi routers on tracks. Grand Central is one of the only places without a signal. Tourists can't even take selfies. Man my timeline is so quiet. I guess everyone's wifi is down in Oakland and the Warriors bandwagon. I got friends asking me the code for the wifi so they can talk about their timeline but I told them fuck off. So much love to everyone voting in my timeline right now, may you be bless with lots of money and unlimited wifi.

Normally I wouldn't care if the wifi was down because my 4G would still work, but living in the middle of the forest it's not happening. A house is not a home without wifi, school without wifi is pointless. If you all are wondering what's wrong with me... My WiFi is down, oh yeah so my schools wifi has an 88 down and 96 up, too bad nobody has the password. The gym's wifi is down so I can't watch Parks & Rec while I treadmill... Like what's even the point of working out now? You don't know bonding until you live in a house with 6 girls and go a week without cable or wifi. Most people only use WiFi in the parking lot of Starbucks without buying a latte. Without my phone I guess its back to carrying around my macbook to parties asking for their wifi so I can stay in touch with my friends. I love wifi, but even wifi leaves sometimes. There's a new App that allows you to finally text without WiFi or data. I just want to be able to Snapchat at school without getting off the wifi. All you need is love...and wifi. Got a couple of minutes of wifi on this flight... Thankful for all of the firebreathers and their persistently amazing energy. Love. Family.

I didn't know they still had airplanes without Wifi. Nice to see you again, Chicago. Looking forward to being here for 20 hours! I had an open house today and love the toilet! It deodorizes, cleans, and drys. I think it also has WiFi. I love stealing wifi. There's no better feeling, than taking advantage of the wifi at Mcdonalds.


  1. too bad. radiation from wi fi has been declared to be a class 2 b carcinogen so more of it in schools will insure that many kids will get cancer, neurological diseases, reproductive problems. who will be the winner? The telecom companies that have bamboozled school boards into thinking that technology helps learning. there is not one study that confirms any positive effect on learning and that the only beneficiary is the hardware manufacturer. more information on wi fi, computer addiction and cognitive problems from this technology: http://www.wirelesswatchblog.org

  2. Interesting Theory "Dee Ehm", I will check out your link.


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