Shots Fired----Donald Trump VS El Chapo Guzman.

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This Twitter war consist of a billionaire and a drug lord arguing on twitter like high school kids.
Say what you want about Trump (yea, I don't like him much myself), but he's not entirely wrong on this issue. We pay Latin American Governments BILLIONS upon billions of dollars to help fight the war on drugs and God only know what else it was supposed to be spent on. What has that money gotten us? The best solution for this problem is to legalize drugs, period. Watch how fast billionaires like El Chapo who likes to dip his victims in a vat of acid become yesterday's news and yesterday's problem. It's interesting how all these Hispanic people are commenting how they are "Team Chapo"....are you kidding....the reason half the Mexicans are in this country is to escape from his ways as drug lord. I am amazed at the unbelievable stupidity.

On the other hand, in my head I am thinking why would people actually believe that El Chapo has a Twitter? This is nonsense! What a bunch of lies this man has been a ghost on social media for years. Now we suppose to believe this is El Chapo. The account has a easy to download picture. El Chapo doesn't care about Mexicans. He slaughters his own people. Now he wants to defend? Yea ok. First he insults Mexico now he's trying to get in there business... My friend Trump you have no idea what your getting yourself into. If the Mexican drug cartel want Trump dead. .....they will not post it on twitter or facebook. Nice attempt at trying to boost the ratings in the Latino community. .but this is a total BS story. Why don't you all just cheer for the drug lord!!!...He is such a wonderful human being!.......Humans have become so greedy and selfish! I heard Al Sharpton said El Chapo was a lowlife wet back and Al could kick his butt....just saying El Chapo.

No matter how you feel about Trump (the guy is a jerk, ok!) but his passport still says "United States of America" and he is protected by our constitution. He's a US citizen, and we can't have foreign drug lords threatening the life of U.S. citizens. It could be any citizen-even Trump. I would expect the FBI to treat this as such. I don't believe that El Chapo Guzman is going to send someone of his family members or even he tweeted a threat to Donald Trump, it doesn't make any sense to me. You know the easiest way to get rid of all the drug lords. Stop the USA ravenous consumption of drugs. Trump will win in prevail...drug cartels will be no longer and be history when he's our new President. I like Donald Trump he is strictly to the point and doesn't dilly dally about facts. Donald trump will be the only person in our life time that could get us out of debt. I'm gonna say it right here on this blog, and I know it's not gonna get read on the air, which is OK. Trump already won in my eyes, and the campaign didn't even start yet! on the other hand Trump is a mistake, and Mexicans did not bring drugs here America did . Drug lords, white people love to play the blame game. African American and Mexican. They do better jobs then most of the white people that don't work at all.

Donald trump has no sense, no business sense since he's been hit in his pocket since this began, no filter since he insulted the fasted growing community in America while needing a vote and no common sense because really if u had that you wouldn't be arguing with a drug cartel !!! He would drive this country straight to hell left in charge. The media is not serious El Chapo is the most powerful gangster in the world you cross him it is a death sentence. He is more powerful than some nations. Trump is a clown. How can you even ask such a stupid question. Trump better apologize and beg for his life. If  El Chapo is in a good mood he may spare him and let him live! I wouldn't be surprised if Trump had a Twitter account made on Chapo's name and sent threats to himself to prove his point about the fear of Mexicans crossing the border. Donald Trump doesn't like it when he looses attention so he isn't going to let something like his daughter getting kidnapped stop him from being in the spot light.
viral social media trend
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