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Viral Social Media Trends Of The Day
1.Deflategate: Tom Brady, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Appear in Court Over Scandal

2.Mineola, New York: Long Island Woman Reportedly Gives Birth to Her Identical Twin Sister's Child

3.Prince: Musician Says Record Deals Are Like ‘Slavery’ as He Comments on New Album Release on Tidal.

4.Black Panther: Photo From Set of 'Captain America: Civil War' Appears to Show 1st Image of Character.

5.Tom Hiddleston: Sony Pictures Releases 1st Image of Actor as Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light'
6.AccuWeather: Social Media Users Notice Phallic Image in Company's Northeastern US Forecast Map.
7.New Jersey Turnpike: Fire Causes Delays on Highway After 2 Semitractor-Trailers Crash, Officials Say.
8.Smartphone Holograms: YouTube Video Shows How to Project 3-D Holograms With a Cellphone
9.John Rhys-Davies: Actor Says Christianity in the Middle East and Africa Is Being 'Wiped Out'
10.The Hateful Eight: 1st Trailer Released for Quentin Tarantino-Directed Movie.

SmartPhone Holograms have made it's way into a viral social media trend. Alright I'll just pretend like I know what an isosceles trapezoid is right off the top of my head. I made it with the top of a fiji water bottle and cut the top off, it works the same you need any kind of plastic. Looks like something you might be interested in knowing that your into graphic design and all. It's an illusion known as Pepper's Ghost. Holography is far more complicated than this, requires extreme stability from vibration for a clear image and precise tools and the calibration of a holographic table. It's like developing photos...but with even more of a headache. But how do I record a video of the hologram if my phone is being used to make the hologram? I think that it's very very cool! There's a market for this as an accessory, because not everyone is industrious enough to make one for themselves. I made one using black electrical tape and a clear cover sheet. Had to use tape at the bottom and top to support it, but it works and is super cool! The problem with this is that it doesn't work with any old movie on the screen, it takes specialized video that has the exact moving images all four sides of the prism. Making the hologram part is easy...the video is the hard part! Now someone needs to invent an app that will automatically turn any video into the four picture video needed for this to work. Kinda like the VR apps that make all videos side by side...Not saying Iphones are bad phones, I'm just saying they're not the best phones, unless you're totally technologically challenged and require functionality of a toddler. Yes, Apple may have started the smartphone trend, but Samsung is now leading the revolution when it comes to innovation.

Holographic smartphone are sold on amazon, not too sure about the holographic smartphone price, but after watching the Holographic smartphone on Youtube, I discovered that they even have a Holographic smartphone bracelet, soon everyone will have Holographic smartphone for sale
It's just reflection on the clear plastic or glass... it's not hologram technology... and some companies make this and sell them. This shit pissed me off when I tried to make it the cd case is hard to work with. It kept snapping so I just gave up, would be interesting to see whether that works with a similar shaped quartz crystal too. It's just not interesting once you realize it only works with "hologram specific" videos.. there are apps that have those videos but who wants to use a crappy video that was created for holograms? that's no fun. This is what Disney does often to make a "hologram" its really just refection, magicians have been doing this since the 20's and 30's. Does someone have the link for that 4 sided centered reverse black back grounded butterfly firework sparkly heart vĂ­deo? it doesn't work with any other video, dunno why.  Top is 1 cm bottom is six cm and the length is 7 cm , use cd case and trace it lightly then carve in to it more and then you can literally bend the plastic off the cd case. It took me 2 hours but it was so worth it, then you can tape it together and even glue it all you want. This is NOT a real hologram. A real hologram is a 3-D recording of light on all sides of an object right down to the microscopic level. This is merely a peppers ghost effect - a 2-D reflection. Now imagine this 10,000 times bigger. new era will start. prototypes of holograms will now begin. star trek will enter and aliens will invade us. human race dies. the end. All joking aside, what's the app? I think it'd be a cool demonstration of prisms for a class project. I'm just tagging you in this so you can like my comment and I can find this video later through my notifications okay bye. 
viral social media trend
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