The Bomb Threat Trend

Viral social media trend
Bomb threats are troubling and creates costly problems: Even a popular YouTube prankster was jailed for staging a bomb threat hoax. Too many Schools scramble to diffuse bomb-threats that now appears to be the new trend. Whoever started this bomb threat "trend" is obviously bored with life.There's something unsettling and alarming about having experienced two bomb threats in my four years in Ateneo. I don't understand bomb threats..... If your plan is to bomb an area, why let them know about it? serious question. In both instances, people were still concerned over their academic activities. You know the system's strange when these are priorities. The fact that bomb threats closed & impeded in Lakeview and Harper's school days today is disturbing. The world is only getting scarier.

It seems like a new viral social media trend. There was an Istanbul soccer match cancelled over possible bomb. Gun and bomb attack threat closes Los Angeles schools in likely hoax. There was a bomb threat at Walmart. Store closed for several hours on Sunday night after employee received a bomb threat. ISIS is getting bored. After all the excitement the bomb threat at Woodstock Walmart turned out to be a false alarm. I wonder how the person who made the initial bomb threat feels about starting a stupid trend. The trend of the month should be the lean and dab challenge, not a bomb threat challenge. There was another bomb threat at Starbucks today. Like when did terrorism become a popular trend? Makes me sick my blood pressure went up considerably today! First (& hope LAST) experience being a parent where there is a bomb threat at your kids' school.. Another day, another school bomb threat in the Boston area. Brussels news, then my friends, kids school was evacuated by bomb threat this morning. What's interesting is that schools close because of 2 inches of snow yet they make all the kids stay in school when there's a bomb threat.. Real smart. Not what you want to hear as a parent with children . At this point there's just too many bomb threatening kids to be friends with because it's happening everywhere.Time to end this


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