Friday Feelings

Friday feeling trend
Enlightening you about great places to visit this weekend. That feeling when it’s Friday and you’re excited. Feeling good, feeling great, how are you? #FridayFeeling.  Hope this gets you in the Friday, FLESHY feeling! FLESH FRIDAY. Do you have that Friday feeling. I sure do! Nothing but gratitude and happiness in this heart here. Crushed my workout! Feeling great after that one. Hope y'all are having a great Friday! What could be sweeter, a Friday Feeling, 2 weeks off work and throw a little holiday in. 5 hours sleep  = Waiting for the end of the day. Happy Friday 13th. Have a nice day  Don't get lost or killed. Or crushed, or mashed.Waking up feeling the same way as I went to bed=Waiting for the end of the day. Planning on going out tonight, Friday and Saturday, yeah my anxiety can go to hell. Back by absolutely no demand is my Friday Podcast via Blogtalkradio it's a viral social media trend. Hope your having' a nice day, it's Friday

If you're in Philadelphia check out the Philly Wing Fry at Union Market DC on a warm weekend You'll be able to have frozen adult drinks from Suburbia. Be encouraged today! Have a great weekend everybody! Even with a day off, this week seemed long! What are your plans for the weekend? Leave comments, I would love to hear from you. Start your weekend by drinking at the The Ear Inn, a designated Landmark of the City of New York. You can even see ancient Egypt transformed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Feeling freaky this Weekend! There's a happy hour event till 8pm. $3 beer/$4 well drinks. (@ Stonewall Inn in New York, NY). The Weekend is upon us and I think we must take time to do the things we love and be around our most cherished family and friends! What's your weekend plans!? I plan to work a little and clean out the garage! Spring cleaning. Every single Friday I tell myself "I'm going to stay home tonight" but I always end up going out. If you're weekend happens to be in Miami! Check out Miami New Times' list of the best eats and drinks around Miami on weekends. Art shows is a trendy thing on weekends at High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Made our first visit to at BattleandBrew this weekend. It is super fun, and the drinks are some of the best in Atlanta. Can't wait to go back!

I stopped drinking but I'm going out drinking on Friday, so I'm drinking tonight, so my tolerance on Friday is ok. Coworker: "So you going out tonight? It's Friday?" Me: "Nope. I'm going to go home and fall asleep at 9pm watching Modern Family re-runs.". Have a great weekend one and all, now for a Malibu and coke to plan the next week away from work. Friday, payday, going out with my boys tonight.It's about to be a good day. Chill out, relax and enjoy your Friday Feeling. Literally so nervous about going out drinking tonight my body is aching from last Friday! HELP! I feel like I'm old before my time! Do you have an adventure planned for the weekend? Please share your plans with us!


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