The Trump Effect

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How to explain Trump? He is an effect, not a cause. CNN to Donald Trump: "You act like a 5-year-old". Then Trump accused CNN for fake news reporting. People don't realize how much of an impact Donald Trump being president will effect the whole world not just the U.S. Does Donald Trump actually believe the nonsense he spews, or say things just for effect? Which is worse? An interpretation which gives effect is preferred to one which provides truth or logic, has been Donald Trump's campaign ruse since day one. Someone should really add Donald Trump's photo to the Wikipedia article on the Dunning-Kruger effect.

You think Trump is crude and thuggish now? Imagine how he'd act with the vast power of the presidency. It’s ‘a farce’ to act like Ted Cruz is more reasonable on abortion than Donald Trump. The hashtags #GOP and #WomenVoteHillaryClinton is starting to act more and more like Donald Trump kicking out those who disagree and are ranting. Trump’s comments are prime example of how anti-choice activists steered the GOP to abortion extremism. I'm done tweeting about Donald Trump. He has been slurping too much of my timeline. Will read, but his circus act is draining me. There is even a petition online to stop Donald Trump from campaigning. I'm all for the sentiment, but internet petitions are the 'Donald Trump' of effecting change.

Here we are, folks: You act as if retweeting is not an endorsement. Every time you share a Donald Trump tweet on social media it becomes a viral social media trend and you are endorsing the Donald. I coined it for Donald Trump's nearly unprecedented act of misreading and failed interpretation. Thanks! Shame on you Donald Trump! My pre-k students act more mature than you. You're not a person I would want as President. I'm not saying I like Donald trump but if you think that him not winning Ohio is truly effecting him you are horribly mistaken. Donald Trump is discriminating against more than one racial group. And it's effecting the country entirely. Climate change is effecting the war on terror... Jesus was not white. Donald trump is the modern day equivalent to Hitler ...just so you know. Megan Kelly's opinion is effecting republican primary poll results; that's almost as ridiculous as Donald Trump leading in Republican polls.
crooked hillary

"LIAR" sign on display during #CrookedHillary acceptance speech! #DemsInPhilly Crooked Hillary doesn't understand that there is only ONE President not a village of Presidents. "You're cause is our cause" until November and then Crooked Hillary says, " who are you"? Crooked Hillary used rigged system to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and won’t hesitate to use it against others. Crooked Hillary has more security on her book tour than she provided to our diplomats in #Benghazi! We Hate Hillary because she is nothing but a crook, liar, and she should be thrown in the Big House immediately! Hashtags, #CrookedHillary and #LockHerUp are viral social media trends online. Where did it all start? Tending to belittle effecting derogatorily Donald Trump made pejorative remarks about immigrants from Mexico. But if Trump wants to deport all the illegal Mexicans, it's funny how passports and visas weren't an issue when his ancestors came to America.