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I've got a thing on my phone saying "New voicemail" and I have no idea how to access my voicemail. Don't actually use it verbally. Voice mail is the worst way to reach me in order after text/email/gchat/slack/telegram/fax/smoke signal. All joking aside I read 1000 words a minute but listen at 1/10th speed.

Absolutely... no more of this bullcrap voice mail press one. Shut down your voicemail and encourage contacts to text with No More Voicemail. Since I got a new number, I no longer have voice mail set up. This is really liberating. This is a totally normal thing. Change your voice mail message to mention your email & say you don't check voice mail. Telling people to email me instead of sending a voice mail at work has been a game changer.

No more telephone tag! Everybody thinks their phone anxiety is unique or kind of shameful. It's EXTREMELY COMMON & totally okay. Sometimes I don't mind talking on the phone. I mind when I can't get the other person to stop talking. Hence, voicemail and email. Also possible with select carriers: deactivate voicemail entirely. Either approach leads to total liberation. I don't even know how to use any form of voicemail and my office landline is usually buried under a pile of paper.

If you call and leave a voice mail and don't like it, just call and leave another one - we'll always use your LATEST message. Just listened to a voicemail from my doctor. No more caffeine. Or alcohol.Don't have to listen to the stupid woman on voicemail no more.. Dads pocket voice mails aren't the best either. over me now.The real sign of being a grown up is having to change your voicemail message. No more ironic song lyrics being played in the background. Me checking my voicemail is nothing more than pressing the number 7 until it says I have no more messages. Just phreaked the apartment intercom system to dial a voicemail which plays the DTMF tone that automatically lets you in. No more keys!Wake up with 6 texts, 3 missed calls and a voicemail about he ain't fucking with you no more so don't even call. I just got the weirdest voicemail. "He don't want me no more" "he ain't sleeping wit me" "he gonna die" Okay. back.
viral social media trend blog
"No More Voicemail app will kill off annoying messages: Getting voicemail is such a time-suck. But new app No More Voicemail does just what the name promises:

A new app called No More Voicemail just might have the answer to your voicemail woes. The clever app will kill off the possibility of receiving annoying voice mails forever" according to Twitter. 'I have no more messages' is the best thing your voicemail can say to you #TextIt I'm so sick of the texting culture today. If you wanna talk to me call me and leave a voicemail and I'll text you back when I can jeeze. I love how 99% of my teachers are like, "Here's my office phone number but don't use it because I don't know how my voicemail works".

All my ads say TEXT ONLY. My voicemail says TEXT ONLY. Why do I still get so many calls?! Stop! Just TEXT ME! Why does my mom call me, then leave a voicemail with instructions to call her back, then text me, "I left you a voicemail, please call me".1990: Stop calling & leave a voicemail 2000: Stop the voicemails & send a text. TODAY: Stop texting me & use telepathy TOMORROW: Who dis?


  1. I think that you should learn to use such a function because it is very convenient and helps not to lose important messages that have been left to you.

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