The New Go-To-Pose--(Wrist Grab Trend)

wrist grab, go to pose
No more duck face! The 'wrist-grab' is the latest red carpet viral social media trend for men. The wrist grab is the new pose for celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West and other A-listers. Haven't you noticed the male 'wrist grab' on red carpet? I was running and I went to grab an aluminum can before it rolled into the ocean, slipped and crushed my testicles on my wrist. Not sure how. I have a pic where I do the wrist grab with friends. It's a great tool when you want to take a cute pic of your grandparents this could actually be a great go-to pose.
I'm just wondering out loud. Why is it that you don't see ads like these with 3 men in the same pose? I still laugh when I see this pic...if they made the men pose like the women in comics. All these girls saying nothing is questionable for heterosexual men to take a pose like that boyfriends are on the Down low. No, if they were women this wouldn't be a conversation. Any two straight men pose like this they call it gay. Don't go to Disney with me if you aren't going to pose.

viral social media wrist grab trendWhile their female counterparts have duck face, fish gape and T-Red hands. The wrist grab is a 'thing' but some say men should be avoiding it. It's a great hand pose for men is to hold their hands crossed, it's great for models, fashionable with teenagers and modeling agencies. The men's style Instagram pose that must be stopped: You can try to grab my aux just know there's a 100% chance I'll break your wrist when I'm stopping you. Doing the American rapper social media pose! Got my dollars ready. My go to face used to be the look away from the camera pose and now it's the shocked face. There are so many BAD songs I wanna choreograph BAD contemporary dances to. Like 7 years. Imagine that song with a wrist grab and knee push. Sometimes my phone freeze from all the notifications I was getting and it was stuck on the pose pic and I was like go to your camera please. Most of our favorite celebrities have one go-to pose for the Red Carpet.
You’re merely existing- you’re not living. I have seen some of you take selfies and pose in all manner of ways as you paste your photos on social media. Why take pictures in a hospital or by a grave? When you're grieving is your first instinct to pose a picture and upload it to social media. You all sometimes try too hard to be social media popping a pose to your real life. I'm so glad when my girlfriend goes on vacations she doesn't upload the "basic hoe on the beach" pose to all her social media accounts.