Are You A Visual Hacker?

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He can't resist peeking at her phone as it lights up, only to feel his chest hurt again. Ah. Don't go through my phone if I'm asleep and it's not password protected! If you really want to look at someone's messages, ask them instead of going through their phone without them knowing. I don't have nothing to hide but it pisses me off when people go through my phone. Where's my privacy? Disrespect is going through someone's phone without their permission. Looking at someone's texts and pictures on their phone is a rabbit hole you do not want to go down. It's the latest viral social media trend. Going through someone's phone has NEVER been a thing for me. If I have to LURK and worry about what you're doing, we don't need to be together. A visual representation of a hacker and thinking of creative ways to bypass some kind of restriction on a mechanic. That awkward moment when you're looking at someone's phone pictures and there's a million selfies. The real question here is why do you really have to go through the pictures when looking at someone's phone?? If you're going to go through my phone just don't go through my pics. Thanks. Going through someone's phone is the ultimate form of disrespect bruh. It's worse than reading someone's diary. Everytime we get together, you question me about all these girls and you go through my phone, but you say you don't care...I'm confused

I looked over at someone's laptop in class and they were looking at my pictures on Facebook. It makes me mad when your looking at a picture on your phone and someone's like let me see and they end up going through all your pictures. Looking at someone's twitter pictures on your phone when you awkwardly click favorite. Going through someone's phone when you're fighting is like stepping on a scale after eating from a buffet.

Someone's Cell phone is ringing in their offices and it sounds like a Chainsaw going through the desk. What should I do? Ever stalk someone's Facebook and 5 hours later you're on their cousins sisters daughters friends profile looking at pictures of her cat from 2005. I'm sorry I find no joy in looking at 400 pictures and videos of someone's baby. They are wonderful for you to have. I find it boring as shit. Going through someone's phone when you're in a relationship still makes no sense to me, even after being cheated on. People need privacy!! First of all, going through someone's phone is sneaky and deceitful like if u really creeping while someone's sleep like that you got a problem. I clicked someone's page & started going through the pictures and saw the satanic bible, I ran like hell , left my phone too. I don't care if the solution to world hunger is in my text messages, DONT GO THROUGH MY PHONE.