Celebrities Who Clap Back On Social Media

viral social media trend

Celebrities who clap back at fans only proves that they only respond to negativity. I've experienced celebrities search their name on Twitter so they can clap back to random tweets. It's a viral social media trend. How much should we trust celebrities on social media? You can praise these celebrities all day and they never acknowledge you but the minute you throw shade they are quick to clap back. I am really here for members of the media, journalists and celebrities who clap back to the assholes in their mentions. It's really interesting how celebrities never take time to reply to ONE nice comment on their social media but ready to clap back at a negative comment. It goes to show that people are more attracted to hate and negativity.

When CERTAIN celebrities (The Kardashians) clap back, it's always so good. Ariana Grande is one of the few celebrities who actually clap back at the haters. My worst fear is commenting something negative on a celebrities picture and they clap back and I end up on the ShadeRoom that would be embarrassing. Also it seems as if celebrities are not only clapping back at fans but they're clapping back on social media at other celebrities as well. Taylor Swift's clap back at Kimye wasn't the only shade thrown. It's sad to see Celebrities clap back at each other. It's fun talking trash about celebrities on social media. People genuinely get upset and defend these strangers.

Twitter has a long memory and a strong clap back. When will celebrities learn this?  I don't know why celebrities "clap back" on people on the Internet. I wanna tweet recklessly about some celebrities but I don't want em to "clap back" so I'm going to simmer and stay in my lane. There's even "Christmas Clapback" and "Thanksgiving Clapback" that is a viral social media trend during the holidays.  Y'all better shut up thinking they don't see you amongst those 100,00+ comments. It's amusing how random people try to clap back at celebrities, forgetting they have a whole army of stans behind them. On the other side I think interacting with celebrities on social media allows me to view them as real people, not a persona. I'm no longer star struck by them! I'm done following celebrities on social media altogether. It be like, "hey look how much better my life is than yours at 12 pm on a Wednesday". It's one of my "jokes" but in general I'd say it's best to avoid trying to interact with celebrities on social media.