Bloody Presidents Day #NotMyPresident March

Anti Trump activists refused to rally at the White House because they are pieces of deplorable, scum bags, duck dynasty people gathered like sheep in wolves clothing with hopes that it's a large turnout and all the networks cover it. On Presidents Day? shame on you!! - news reports estimate over a million holding up signs and representing. Mobilized from viral social media trend expert Malkam Dior. Columbus Circle NY, Central Park West, over 50,000 showed up. What a joke! Undesirables, basket of deplorables who failed to vote during presidential elections. They won't stand for the national anthem but they will stand for the Islamic prayer.

So. Making sure someone isn't a terrorist before they enter the country is "injustice"? Oh wait that's right. They're under the moronic impression he actually banned Muslims even though a tiny fraction of Muslims are actually excluded for a period of months. Yeah, somehow a fraction is the entirety. Someone didn't pass kindergarten math. This is a disgrace to the stars and stripes. Nobody in their right minds would back these muslim terrorists.

Allegedly some employees who participated in the "day without an immigrant" movement were terminated and weren't compensated for taking the day off to protest. Did the workers call in according to company policy? Were they warned of the consequences? Or did they just "not show up"? If I decided to not go to work and not call in, I would probably be fired too, unless I was in some sort of emergency situation- and then I'd need to prove it. He is a hard worker who wants the Best for our country. Thank you , President Trump, for all your work. We appreciate all your effort. You can't just not show up for work. Their religion promotes violence.

Come on Americans you have to be smarter than this....OMG...get real Sounds about right. The democrat protest party is just about dead. These people, standing in solidarity with a group of people that would cut they're heads off given half a chance. Standing in solidarity with Pedophilia rape and violence. My goodness what next? So what are your plans for Presidents day?perhaps hang some of the great Presidents picture in a window with a sign saying "when America was great", I'm thinking Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama, and Donald J. Trump Any suggestions?