Social Margarita On National Margarita Day

national margarita day
Don't drink and type. I wonder if there will be any liberals boycotting margarita day? As it's a viral social media trend online. Did you know February 22nd is National Margarita Day? The weather is amazing I just wanna eat some tacos in a hammock with a fat ass margarita in my hand. It's officially National Margarita Day and I'm trying to excel in my career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy. I'm going to need 12 pitchers of frozen margaritas to the face to celebrate. Why do people ask "how was class?” Like, class was class. I would rather be sipping a margarita on a boat, but here I am.

According to Uberfacts: "20% of U.S. parents don't think it's important to limit junk food in their kid's diet—16% think the same thing about limiting sugary drinks." An apple a day is good for the body but a margarita a day is good for the mind. I took three drinks of my mom's margarita and she said "do you feel it yet" like mom who do you think I am... u didn't raise no bitch. I need to be on a beach sipping a margarita wearing nothing but a bathing suit listening to the waves crash. I will read any story containing the phrase, "Stabbed in the head with a broken margarita glass". If you're not feeling Valentine's Day, Social Margarita Day is the 22nd. Here's a recommendation. Try Tommy's Margarita on this day. Still talking about Hillary Clinton? Hillary is hiking somewhere in New England with bigfoot. Wheres my margarita. What’s better than a frozen margarita on a warm Spring-ish day? One day I'll be in Jamaica with a margarita in my hand in a cute ass bathing suit on the beach dancing to Sean Paul. Today is my day off and it's margarita day. coincidence? I think not.