From Russia With Gov

From Russia With Gov
The Clintons didn't work for the Russians. They just took $150m and sold them 20% of America's stock of uranium. How can people still deny that Russia had a hand in Trump's presidential campaign? Did they mess with ballot boxes? No. They used superstar hacker Edward Snowden (who has his own vendetta against the Obama Administration) to hack into the DNCs emails. And if you think they didn't do the same to the RNC and use the information they found there to blackmail Trump and his GOP you're fooling yourselves.

I'm still waiting for one of you liberals to tell me what information Russia gave us to influenced us to vote for Trump?  If it was about emails, if they were true, they needed to be exposed and it really didn't matter who exposed the truth.  I made up my mind in 2008 not to continue this liberal agenda no matter who was running! The DNC was very vulnerable because they did not have proper safeguards in place to keep this from happening.  Any high school computer geek could have hacked into their systems.  I don't know of a single Republican who voted for Trump who had information from Russia. Benghazi happened!  The economy was flat!  Jobs were pouring out of the country and immigration is out of control!  Get off the Russia BS!  It didn't take anyone from Russia or a Russian spy or whatever to vote against this far left liberal agenda!
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The Democrats need to take their party back and get back to key core values, integrity and act responsibly.  Where is all the biased media on this deal with Hillary being given the debate questions!? The Dems are taking us back to the politics of the McCarthy Era where everyone is guilty until proven innocent. From Russia with love for the U.S government.  However, there is still no evidence that Russia ever did anything that impacted our elections.  However, it will impact my choices in the next election as I will never vote for a Democrat again. Can you just imagine what would be in the media if Trump had been caught receiving the debate questions?

I think that Trump's supporters know it's true, but they just keep yelling "fake news" because they're too proud and embarrassed to admit they were wrong and really supported a Russian agent. They'll shout, call people names, yell "lying media", all to mask their shame. That's why I think Trump's supporters still back him, they're too proud to admit they were wrong. When will the Democrats stop trying to hurt TRUMP! IT WONT WORK! It just makes us Deplorables want to get out and vote them down at every election! Let's see some of the comments I get below from Trump supporters. From Russia with Gov.