Juxtaposition: SnapChat's IPO, Shether And The Trump Effect.

Justaposition Between Snapchat's IPO, Shether And The Trump Effect.
We're observing a side by side narrative between  Snapchat's IPO, the trending diss track "Shether" and the Donald Trump effect. Snap stock priced above range at $17, valuing firm at nearly $24 billion in biggest U.S. tech. IPO since Alibaba. Juxtaposed with the Trump effect: Nearly 7-in-10 say his speeches boost optimism.Yes, everything is wonderful on Wall Street, where investors are taking a $22b Snapchat valuation seriously. Donald Trump took office with no experience and or revealing his tax returns to the public. Remy Ma violated Nicki Minaj so bad Snapchat gave the Bronx a new Geotag. Remy Ma a Bronx rapper who destroyed Nicki Minaj on the biggest diss track called "Shether". Remy Ma is Terror Squad. She was down with DJ Khaled before he was giving keys on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a great SEO keyword in finance as its one of 30 out of 14,300 startups (0.2%) that raised VC in the past decade and got valued at $1B+ in an IPO. That featured Snapchat story of Donald Trump's speech was actually captured and produced pretty well. According to CNN "Snap crackled and popped at its Wall Street debut. Snap (SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, began trading at $24 a share on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, a 40% increase over its IPO price. Snap's stock topped $25 in early trading." Which suggests that Snapchat’s IPO trying the patience of investors wary of rockstar tech CEOs.

Snapchat has given us the Donald Trump of IPOs. I don't understand why people can joke about him and the wall but my Snapchatstory offends people?? Obviously it's a joke. It's funny how obsessed the media is with Trump. There's currently FOUR Snapchat news stories about his "horrible" press conference. Scott Baio is right, just look at the turn around in the stock market!! The Dow Jones up 303.31 points, highest its been since Inauguration Day. Over 300 points higher, breaks above 21,000 as stocks hit all-time highs..THIS NEVER HAS BEEN DONE. Snapchat parent passes big test: IPO above expectation - Snap passed its first major test on Wall Street. The only difference between sHether, and the IPO of SnapChat is when reporting on positive effects of the Donald Trump presidency the MEDIA remain SILENT.