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Melania Trump Fashion Trend

We love our First Lady, Melania Trump! Our first lady of style! This blog is for Melania Trump fans who are obsessed with Melania's fashion sense. 

Melania Trump has been compared to Jackie Kennedy all over world. Strong confident smart. I've never seen a woman who had so much class as Mrs.Trump! Never!

This is what I call a fashion Icon! She is amazing! Melania Trump looks stunning and speaks 5 languages superbly. A great FLOTUS.
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Her style, grace and kind heart is captivating! Melania Trump's photo is in the Museum of American History First Ladies exhibit! However the infamous inauguration dress is not there yet.

Designers who refuse to design for Melania Trump (due to her husband):Michael Kors; Marc Jacobs; Derek Lam; Phillip Lim; Tom Ford; Sophie Theallet

However some of the mentioned designers also received backlash from Donald Trump, and Melania supporters as Las Vegas, CEO Steve Wynn removed Tom Ford from his casino stores over disparaging remarks about Melania. 

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Who wouldn't want to dress First Lady Trump as a designer. His loss! Thank you Mr. Wynn. While social media felt as if Melania dodged a fashion bullet by having Tom Ford refuse to dress her!

He dressed Katy Perry for the Grammy's as she was the worst dressed. Also, Michelle Obama wore a dress by Tom Ford, who refuses to dress Melania Trump.

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Melania frequently rocks the classic Jackie O look, a very fine lady with great style! "First lady Melania Trump's approval ratings are way up since inauguration, according to a CNN/ORC Poll".

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Fans and followers are proud of our POTUS,  and the elegant and stunning First Lady. Melania has honored other elegant Women at the White House as well.

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Her speeches are uplifting as she is bringing awareness to cyber-bullying, something that we all can relate with.

The infamous black dress that flaunted her hourglass figure designed by Ralph Lauren when she hosted the luncheon became a viral social media fashion trend.

No matter the event or topic, she's always looking fabulous and adds class to America!