Bromance: Kim Jong Un And Donald Trump?

Bromance: Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump
He would be "honored" to meet the man who has threatened the US several times just in the past week. He would be "honored" to meet the man who shows his citizens videos of America being attacked and burning.

Some people on social media believe that if you still support Trump you are way beyond being able to call yourself a patriot and soon you will know just what a traitor looks like. Somehow though it seems like his supporters would rather have a dictator so I'm sure they'll find some way to deflect and defend him.

Perhaps a bromance is the only way to prevent any type of war. The only way Kim would meet Trump is if he phrased it this way. Obviously you people haven't figured Trump out yet, believe me there is something he is doing that he will not say anything about. Get used to it; it's his chess game trust me there is an underlying reason for his methods. It's amazing how people look at a quote and read it at face value.

I cant wait for SNL to get started writing on this one. Could call it dumb and dumber. Actually they have a lot in common. Everything in life hàs been handed to them. Neither have worked a day in their life, both are spoiled little adults who think they are special. List goes on. You can't make peace unless you meet the enemy and understand his ignorance besides it would be much wiser to try uniting than dividing and eventually destroying him and millions of already suppressed and  suffering people with no hope. Yes the kid is nuts but he has a long line of Family fools. Other than peace, we will eventually be at war and destroy many hurting and abused people.

It's become like a self fulfilling prophecy for millions to just truly hate the guy regardless of what they read and whether he makes progress or not. North Korea needs to be delt with since Bill Clinton; can't keep kicking the can down the aisle and ignoring the problem anymore; it's only getting worse and once they have ICBM capability I wouldn't confide in the concept of a missile intercept.