The Romper Trend---RompHim

"RompHim" The Romper Trend.
Honestly the male romper trend needs to die before it starts. There's no such thing as rompers for guys because once you put it on you become a woman. The men's fashion world is expanding with"RompHim", social media has been abuzz with opinions and memes, a romper for dudes? I had to google what a romper is before engaging in a debate on social media. It is true, so someone really created a romper for men....that's a real thing you guys. So far, some women that I have spoken to are glad for the male romper, so that guys can finally feel the pain of having to get fully naked to use the bathroom.

However it's all in the name, romper suits for men are called "Romphim"???? I'm all for a pun but for goodness sake the "er" is not a female suffix. Perhaps this will inspire clothing designers to make a romper for taller than average girls before rompers for guys.

I'm here for this romper thing on certain guys, however you must have a certain look to pull this look off, do not play yourself. Image going to bed with your girlfriend wearing matching rompers. If Adidas makes a clima-cool romper with an A&M logo, I will be obligated to buy it and wear it to games this summer.

The right male romper worn properly might actually work out for certain guys. But, imagine walking with your short boyfriend. He's wearing a romper. Someone says "oh cute", how old is your son. The day long romper conversation really revealed one thing. Men know exactly what harassment and sexualization is and how it makes women feel. If you think about it, men been wearing rompers for years, it's actually called a "jumpsuit".