Trump Chided NATO Leaders To Their Faces

NATO Defense Spending 
The past 5 Presidents have tried to get the NATO members to pay their fair share. You would have never seen Obama or even Bush call out the Nato members right in front of their face. Perhaps President Trumps direct approach will work, lord knows nothing else has.  I loved his statement on the pretty new building but not asking the price.  What the MSM and those detractors in DC need to get through their thick skulls.  President Trump is representing the American people, especially the American tax payer.  And I am proud of him. Finally a President that stands up for us and our tax dollars. Bravo to President Trump for his straight forward speech. The debtor nations including Germany, France and Italy, must pay their full share of their NATO past due accounts!

Some critics are in full support of Trump calling out the other countries for not paying their fair share! Good for him!

This is why the people elected him! Does it surprise anybody that France and Germany didn't make the cut? I am not. The UK is really the only other large NATO member that has met their obligation.  No Germany, France, ridiculous.  Greece is on the brink of financial collapse and they STILL met their requirement. It feels good to have a president who is not afraid to call out anybody for not fulfilling their duties in this alliance.

We should just drop our share to 2% period and see what happens. Honestly, as a taxpayer I'm sick of being bled dry for anyone other than my own family!!! Good, pay or leave the alliance.  It's about time the freeloaders are openly called out for not paying. They've ignored requests to pay for years.

It seems as if some people are blind with liberal talking points and have become sheep that you can't see this President is trying to help the taxpayers of this country? Why shouldn't France Germany Canada and the other nations involved in NATO pay? Look at the new building NATO just built on your backs! Thank you Trump for holding NATO leaders accountable. They need to pay their fair share! We shouldn't be subsidizing other nations. Enough is enough. Pay up! Stop freeloading.