The Green Climate Fund Scam

Green Climate Fund Contributions Explained 
No businessman or President would look at this and think it's a good idea. We paid our share. And all Trump wanted was a deal that was good for America. Not China, or Russia or India, all that pollute much more than the U.S.

Trump has been heavily criticized since he announced his decision to pull the USA out of the climate change Paris agreement, this has nothing to do with climate change, but it has all to do with redistribution of American wealth to other nations at expense of the American taxpayers. No wonder other world leaders were upset we pulled out of the Paris agreement, we were, if not the only one, paying for it at least putting the most into it just like the UN. If China and Russia and others create the most pollution they should have to pay as well. We need to keep our funding and use it for our own green issues.

Yet China has taken far more steps to lower their carbon footprint, investing more money into renewable energy sources, shutting down coal factories, introducing an electric car quota, and even researching the possibility of making clean nuclear energy with Thorium fuel. Russia was sanctioned by Obama, and is going bankrupt. Well India, I have no idea, I guess they just don't care and want us to pay the bill.

I think Trump basically said, is that America is not the worlds personal ATM machine. We have been chumps for too long. I wonder what the  "Green Climate" has done so far to improve the climate except overpaying administrative expenses and flying around that contributes to more pollution. The Paris Accord is predicted by its proponents to “reduce global temperature by no more than 2 tenths of a degree Celsius.” That reduction would cost $23 to $46 trillion per tenth of a degree Fahrenheit—an amount that will have no effect on the environment or human wellbeing. Thank you President Donald J. Trump for saving us billions of wasted money that are lining the pockets of many.