The Solar Eclipse Burned My Retina - #Obamacare

Repeal and replace Obamacare so we can cover you. No worries if you were trying to peek at the solar eclipse without "special" glasses. Repeal capturing this solar eclipse with a your naked eyes on 8.21.17.  For generations to come... it's only happening once in our lifetime.

Wow! That was truly incredible watching the moon cover up the sun, then uncover it again. After thinking to myself I created the hashtag handles "#Solareclipse and #Solareclipse2017 " after I just burned my retina looking at game film from last year Solar Eclipse.

SEO Fact: Staring directly at the solar eclipse without any eye protection is actually completely safe if you're a Dallas Cowboys fan. In 1919 Einstein used a solar eclipse to help prove his theory of general relativity. In 2017 we use a solar eclipse to help us make memes that trend online.

Friendly reminder from Social Network Trends to all solar eclipse lovers. Do not look at the sun without protective glasses. You won't be able to enjoy memes and blogs after it.