Sex With A Trump Supporter - Ripping & Tearing (

Licking my way up and then down. It started as an online friendship and lead to me thrusting my tongue into the slick center. 

We met again on a dating app only instead of meeting online, I blacked out at first after we had entered into a room with music where they sell alcohol, and I met another stranger, I didn't have anonymous sex with them.

I wanted to touch and have sex with you, him and his girlfriend! and never talk again, and love it but also low-key hate myself.

It became apparent that they, in fact, barely tolerate interactions and it threw my whole head for a loop. I always come online because you guys are genuinely my best friends and I love talking to you but I'm gonna take some time off social media because it's truly making me negative towards myself and others.

Considering leftists demonize, attack, and insult Trump supporters, the fact that our base is so openly growing is incredible.
- Study: 6 out of 10 Trump Supporters Are Completely Illiterate -

It's all about the online dating experience. I make another sound. One I don’t even understand. Lips part to kiss down her sex towards her core. Thrusting my tongue into her slick center.

Go to the bar get super drunk meet a stranger have regrettable sex and wait for them to call. I know so many people who love Trump but aren’t willing to openly admit it without risk of losing their job or family issues.

When you meet people online whom you find really cool; then get to meet them in real life, it’s either you’re gonna love them more, or hate their guts. 

Trump supporters would be 100% fine with him becoming a dictator. Because they love the Constitution so much, you see.
- FACT CHECK: Hillary Clinton Kissed by Former Klan Member -

So say that adult women/escorts don’t know how to meet adult men that are attracted to them or how to negotiate with someone in person because them seeing a photo online. So they don’t go to Starbucks!

My relationships usually end right there though. I meet them and then never communicate afterwards. I prefer small talk in person and meaningful discussions online.

The president has emboldened us. Leaders go first. When he kiss you on your lips and squeeze you in his arms! Desire it deeply oh, the ripping and tearing! You should  want it totally! kisses all over! It’s the moments you stop just to be, rather than do, that have given me true happiness.

Richard Branson said this and it is so true, "it is not what we do in life; it is when we are just being ourselves and feeling love within us"

He has endured tremendous hate since taking office, it rolls off his back like a duck. If he can take it so can we. God bless America with wisdom, hope + love in the face of evil.


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