Wifi Smart Plug - Product Review

What you should know about Wi-Fi smart plugin devices in an insightful product review.

A revolutionary plug-in device for Google Home, Insignia and Amazon Alexa into the Smart Plug and connect to your Wi-Fi network. 
As far as app functionality - the WiFi 3-way switches may get lost. I can assure you that all app functions remain intact. I have split two sets of these TP-Link HS 210 switches and used individually on four completely separate 3- way switching circuits (one of them was actually a 4-way w/four switches controlling a set of lights.) I also have tested and verified full functionality w/ Alexa.

TP-Link smart LED light bulb, Wi-Fi, dimmable white, no hub required. I'm able to turn my lights on and off from a different state. It's like a just bought a ticket to the future. I have used these thus far to turn off/on my 5,000 but AC and table light for great room area. love these devices. Once it does work, however, it works forever. Just don't ever go into the Insignia app again or download an update ever.

The (TP-Link KASA) work well, easy setup and App is easy to use. Alexia interface also works well. You can use the Insignia Connect App to get one plug to work. However, good luck getting more than that to register with Google Home. Definitely buying more. Very easy app install and setup on my phone, very nice timer & scheduler in the app. It took me a matter of seconds to hook to my wireless network and get an item plugged in and working. This is not waterproof, I wanted to use it for Christmas lights plugged into an outdoor outlet by my front door that is covered by a porch. I program the light to stay on just long enough to get into bed and it automatically shuts off. I can turn on/off switch from anywhere my smartphone has a signal. No more coming into a dark house at night.