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Trump's gay millennial supporters  over the past year and a half have quietly surpassed any other generation, but the fake news media will never report it. 

My cousin’s son is gay. He’s a conservative and a dean at a liberal university. His gay partner is a conservative and a doctor. It’s ok. There are gay Trump supporters. There's even a site online called  Gays for Trump; "an organization composed of gay people who support United States President Donald Trump and his administration."

Want to make a liberal’s head explode? Go eat Chik fil A at a Gay Pride concert while wearing a “Gays for Trump” shirt with a “Black Lives MAGA” hat. Some people say that Trump supporters are being hypocrites. I wish my last remaining liberal friends hadn't blocked me on Facebook so I could annoy them with my superior politics.

A Christian baker must betray his deeply held religious beliefs and provide a cake for a gay wedding but a liberal restaurant owner can turn down service to a women over her politics against someone who has advocated brutal policies of cruelty and destruction towards them. This isn't "politics." It's "morality," and that is the only way we become and remain a "better" country.

It’s discrimination’: Gay Trump supporter says his vote got him barred from pride parade'. WashingtonPost

In 2017 an article in the Washington Post states that, "Talbert — a fervent and openly gay supporter of President Trump and a member of a group called Deplorable Pride — will not get to ride his float through downtown Charlotte in August.

Charlotte Pride, one of the largest pride organizations in the southeastern United States, has rejected Deplorable Pride’s float application three weeks after the group submitted it, Talbert claims. However, the quote suggests that Republicans might need religious freedom lessons.

1st amendment written to prevent religious persecution. Freedom from religion, not freedom to be intolerant of others based on religion. Keep your religion out of my government and schools. Life, liberty & pursuit of happiness

Homosexuals earns so much more money than Straight that a Millennial will betray Donald Trump, and have no shame. Gay pride is about having power over all the money and what it's spent on.

"Just 27% of Millennials approve of Trump's job ... remain) most supportive of same-sex marriage, followed by Gen Xers." - according to PeoplePress

Republicans want smaller and less intrusive government except when it comes to your body, partner or religion. They allow bigots to refuse service by sexual orientation and want to deny LGBT rights. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness isn’t one size fits all.

They all cheered at the cake maker that denied service to the gay couple yet are outraged when Huckabee Sanders gets denied service.

Conclusion -

Politics is not a protected class. So, yes, you should have to bake a cake for gay people and no you shouldn't have to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The difference is you don't choose to be gay, but you can choose to stop gleefully lying your ass off every single day. It’s gay pride month, so you’re going all out to pretend you have no pride whatsoever so that everyone will stop thinking you’re in the closet. Not gonna work.

I know there's so many gays that are for POTUS Trump and they're many blacks and Latinos and people of all races and gender that love this President.