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Social Media Addiction - Millennials and Social Media Addiction Help Tips - 

Experiencing social media addiction? Millennials can be dangerously addicted to using social media. Learn more about the symptoms for this addictive habit.

I have an addiction to putting things in my online cart and keeping it there for all of eternity. Addiction of Social Media is better than addiction of drugs...this blog will arm millennials on social media with useful tips and how to get help.

Some apps have become an addiction to so many of us, and it's probably gonna stick around for a very long time. At the very least we need to be aware of it's dangers to protect our mental health and stability.

Even the creators of these platforms have come to warn us of it's dangers. These apps are designed to keep us addicted. Every addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or love or idealism or Twitter or any other social media.

Online Shopping Addiction -

My online shopping addiction needs to be cured. Working in an office all day everyday has created a serious online shopping addiction & my bank account is not happy; and Cyber Monday doesn’t help. I lost my debit card yesterday but good thing I'm an online shopping addict because I was still able to buy drinks at the bar by having my card number/exp/cvv memorized.

I've just been made a member of the ASOS A-List and I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of myself. Either way, I'm starting an ASOS addicts support group for anyone who needs help with their online shopping addiction.

Gaming Addiction -

Let’s be perfectly clear, as a gamer of over 20 years I have seen many people sacrificing relationships and jobs through online gaming addiction. It is a problem that needs to be addressed and not ignored. Online gaming is another way for people to live and socialize these days. You never see anyone speak of “reading addiction”. Online games provide affordances for those who play them. It’s a means to an end.

So many of the parents complaining about gaming addiction actually are talking about having issues with online escapes because it interrupts tea time and their schedules. Wake me up when the banal stigmatizing of gaming is over and we actually start addressing the toxicity.

Social Media Addiction HELP -

Limit your social media usage. Retweets and Likes are like dopamine effect breeds addiction and altered behavior for approval.

According to Netaddiction "Social Media Addiction is not a formal clinical diagnosis".

It's my belief that we all have varying degrees of phone/social media addiction and should take steps to lessen it. It doesn't mean giving it up or letting go of the positive stuff it can bring in, but just getting a healthier relationship with it.

Since deleting my Facebook app almost a week ago, I feel I've went through every stage of withdrawl....and while I've had an influx of Twitter posts, I feel I've beat my social media addiction.

Today after opening up about my personal struggles with suicide and addiction. There's so much viciousness and insensitivity online, but I nurture a quiet hope that it is losing the battle against kindness and empathy. Thank you.


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