Tinder Killer - Dating App For Death (SocialNetworkTrends)

KILLER APP - Detectives say he used dating apps like Tinder to find targets.

He used the dating app to meet the nurse before battering her to death.

The NYPD says suspected killer Danueal Drayton was holding a woman captive when he was arrested in California.

Why does everyone on Tinder look like a serial killer? A serial killer finds his victims on Tinder. I'm not surprised. Is it really that hard to find a date?

My approach in life with business, romance, friendships, etc., is to just let the opportunity present itself NATURALLY. That requires patience and discipline which is a big part of the reason so many people struggle with the aforementioned.
Image of The
Tinder Killer 
I think I could run a successful business vetting people Tinder profiles.
Dont use that photo mate, you look like a serial killer.

Tinder could provide Crimewatch with reconstruction actors for 10+ years.....

This murderous piece of filth can now look forward to getting all the attention that he wants from all the other inmates queuing up and waiting to beat the living daylights out of him when he ends up behind bars. I do hope that he suffers plenty.
I hate when guys put “if you wanna know just ask” in their tinder bios like what does that even MEAN. What do I want to know?? Are you a serial killer? Are you lactose intolerant? Does your grandpa own a series of Taco Bell franchises?

Dating sites are like resumes to me. All you see is the "shiny" stuff when what you need to see is the "dirt." At least with resumes you can find references.