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To restore integrity, honesty and civility, a complete purge is essential. Maybe on July 4th, to kick-off Civil War II; at this point I'm just waiting for Trump to announce the real first purge anarchy.
What’s next? The Purge. EPA runamuck, GOP owning Scotus, Putin owning Trump, TPP, NAFTA, NATO gone.

How many purge movies are they going to make until Trump decides it’s his new brilliant idea?

The campaign style trailer depicted entitled assholes would be everywhere. Cops shooting and tazing black kids in the street. Money laundering, guilty pleas. Look squirrel. WTF America wake up end the madness. My neighborhood wouldn't fall victim to this ignorance because they would have to deal with the real killers on the block.

The jigzaw puzzel seem to be falling into place. Trump-Russian corruption linked to The Supreme Court of The United States. Trump would go on about how he is the best purger there is and that nobody purges like him... though would likely just have his lackies do his dirty work for him.

I hate when a new purge movie comes out and everybody is fearing it because they think it might be a reality soon. NEWS FLASH: The government is not stupid enough to do that and Trump's not going to be the one to make that decision.


—Upholds Trump’s travel ban

—OKs Ohio voter purge

—Backs anti-gay-wedding baker

—Allows gerrymandered maps

—OKs online betting+sales taxes

—Smacks public sector unions

—Backs biz over workers: arbitration

—Backs cellphone privacy

—Kills CA abortion-rights law

In an article titled 'The First Purge' trolls its biggest inspiration: the Trump administration" stated that "The new horror movie "The First Purge" wore its biggest inspiration proudly on the film's first poster, with the title emblazoned on a red “Make America Great Again”-style hat." - USAToday

I feel like people who would participate in the Purge in real life would be Trump supporters. 

'The Purge' producer thinks Trump could usher in a real life purge!! 

Don’t give him any ideas. He’s already a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. If trump said the purge was a good idea his followers would probably murder people on the spot.

Thought I had during the screening last night: I bet Mike Pence would Purge. After watching 'The new Purge' movie I am convinced that it's a perfect representation of Trumps America.