Why Don Lemon is the Dumbest Man on TV - LeBron James’s Lack of Intelligence (SocialNetworkTrends)

President Trump reiterated his belief that he is the "least racist person in the world" after calling CNN's Don Lemon "stupid," over a question asked during the Democratic Debate.

Lemon had no reason to phrase his question that way except to bait Trump. He is stupid, but Trump should ignore him. Lemon is nobody.

Trump slams Don Lemon as 'dumbest man' over debate question - USA Today
 · "President Donald Trump is slamming Don Lemon over a question from Tuesday night's Democratic debate. In a series of tweets, the president called the CNN anchor, who was one of the debate's moderators, "dumb" and criticized a question Lemon asked that described Trump as bigoted."

- A pic of Trump's Tweet in Response to Don Lemon unfair Democratic Debate treatment -

The truth is that it’s wrong for President Trump to call Don Lemon ‘the dumbest man on TV.’ He’s forgetting about Brian Stelter and Chuck Todd and what about Donny Deutsch? He’s the Babe Ruth of dumb.  

(Trump Lebron Tweet)

Trump called Don Lemon, LeBron James and Maxine Waters, "dumb". One is from the South. One is from Cleveland. One is from LA. One is in the NBA. One is on TV. One is in Congress. Hmmmm... I wonder what they could possibly have in common? Oh, wait.

Remember when Lebron had the opportunity to stay on point and only talk about his accomplishments? Instead, he let Mr. Lemon suck him into the negative. Your work with the school is commendable.

Lebron's lack of intelligence is in question because of the following confusing statements - "this president sucks. I want to make a difference" "oh, well if you could meet with him about making a difference, what would you talk about?" "I wouldn't meet with him" lol congratulations King James your'e a child. way to put your ego aside.

According to the HuffPost -
"LeBron James’ first tweet after receiving a petty attack from Donald Trump had nothing to do with the president.
Trump insulted the intelligence of both the NBA superstar and CNN host Don Lemon in a Friday night tweet, writing “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.” The president added, “I like Mike!” presumably referencing retired NBA legend Michael Jordan".

President Trump’s continual attacks on U.S. citizens of color like LeBron James, Don Lemon, broad ethnic and religious communities reek with deliberate, racially-driven disrespect for so many Americans.

We wouldn't call LeBron dumb but he is not well educated and people will listen to him and believe what he says simply because of his popularity, which doesn't make sense to me. Don't forget about all the attacks on white people by Trump, don't be a race hustler.

- Trump, Don Lemon Meme -

He's an Equal Opportunity Offender. CNN reporter Don Lemon asked LeBron James what he would say to Trump if he was sitting right here. James: "I would never sit across from him."

Just like he said he’d never sit across from him (name omitted on purpose), why is it that certain celebrities refuse to speak directly to Trump, but are very comfortable talking about him for relevance?!

This is the epitome of trying to have your cake and eat it too. Sorry, nope nope nope. And I am normally a very generous person, but there homes a time when the cup runneth over.

Don Lemon Response To Trump Tweet

Don Lemon might just be the "dumbest man on tv" because Lemon is always on a constant Trump attack. Let’s discuss solutions not divide.

A user from Instagram told us that, it is more about addressing a problem. Ignoring it and telling those on the shitty side of the divide to shut up and get ever it creates more division...thinking that is a solution is foolish.

Don Lemon fires back at Trump: "Who’s the real dummy? Well, Lemon proves himself to be the real dummy here again because, the slackful pics of kids in cages is from 2014, when Obama was in office. He must be talking about Obama, and not our current President Donald Trump.

Melania Trump Defend Lebron James
"While James has not commented on Trump’s tweet, others have responded both directly and indirectly — like the first lady.
“It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation,” said Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham. “And just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”
Grisham went on to say that the first lady supports “responsible online behavior” as part of her Be Best initiative, and said that Melania Trump would be open to visiting James’s new school".

"But Trump’s election has changed James’s outlook, along with other athletes and coaches. He called the president a “bum” last year, after Trump dis-invited Stephen Curry from visiting the White House, though it’s not clear that an invitation was ever formally extended to Curry and his Golden State Warrior teammates". (WP)

It's quite a leap to show Kaepernick with a sign that says "America sucks".

It's more "Police should be held accountable". But that would mess up their memes wouldn't it!

Did all those celebrities say anything when the last president decided to bomb Africa or even better kill thousands of innocent lives?

Last time we checked jay z was endorsing Hillary’s action. Trump ain’t racist; you are.