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Save Data Cloud backup compatibility varies per game. Does this affect online play for Wii U or Nintendo 3DS systems; 

Here's what you need know!

That sounds like an improvement.
I think the only thing that could top that is keeping Cloud saves forever, just in case the user wanted to wait until later to resubscribe.

Granted 6 months is plenty of time, but some people would lose interest in some subscriptions and/or move on to others and save money

Nintendo is very green in the field of cloud saves. Some Pokemon Bank cloud saves have been deleted days after a subscription lapsed. It's a 180 degree turn worthy of the Xbox One.

Allegedly years ago when Nintendo was asked to update their online systems, they scoffed at the idea of using the PSN or Xbox Live as a model.
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To avoid your data being saved without permission is back the cartridge then that means the cartridge would be rewritable and therefore hackable. Nintendo hates that.

"In a statement given to IGN by a Nintendo spokesperson, Nintendo has confirmed that, should a Switch owner resubscribe to Switch Online within 180 days, or six months, after their subscription ends, users can still recover their previous cloud saves."

From another point of view I think 6 months might actually be too long in many cases. They should have optional External Hard Drive storage for backup.

Are you really going to want a 6 month old save of a game you've been playing? If you really liked the game you'd have some progress in that time or you have little to no intention of playing it.
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If you have old saves that you go back to after a long time I suspect many start over just to familiarise themselves with story, tactics, techniques, mechanics etc.

I mean it's cool there is a grace period and all, I just think if you've let it lapse for 6 months what you are getting back may not be worth it.

It was pretty obvious it wouldn't delete the moment your sub lapses. People feed on outrage these days though, so the huge overreaction was equally not a shock because of the voice chat feature.

Personally never use voice chat on any online game even on PC or PS4. I never talk while playing a game for some reason.

Can you transfer Nintendo switch saved data?

"Previously, a Nintendo U.K. FAQ mentioned"Save data stored with Save Data Cloud cannot be kept outside of the duration of your Nintendo Switch Online membership," suggesting cloud saves would be lost forever should a subscription lapse for any reason.

While their is a timer on how long players will have to resubscribe, and players won't be able to access those saves without a subscription, Nintendo's clarified policy does give players 180 days to resubscribe and regain their saves." - IGN

Can you transfer saves on switch? There are still a couple of things to do regarding the saves; here are a few tips how you can do it too.

  • Save in the game cartridge/card. So if I miss/broke my console I'll keep my saves with my games, centralization is a bad idea for data storage.
  • Let me to backup my own saves, so I do not need to rely on internet connections/paid services.
  • Free cloud saves, it's the only good thing Microsoft has done regarding consoles, copy that and not the bad things (like the paid online)

And maybe if they let you back up your own saves on your own time and have cloud saves as a supplemental service, also just like the PS4. 
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If complaints were the driving force, wouldn't we have cloud saves for every game? Unless this is a quicker fix than I assume it to be.

This is something they would have cleared up months ago instead of waiting until the week of the launch of Switch Online to address with a vague website FAQ.

In conclusion, I think it's entirely reasonable to speculate that Nintendo changed their minds after the backlash.

Or, if the sheer amount of complaints got them to secretly fix this policy behind the scenes, good job everyone.

Xbox 360 came out 12 years ago and have a better online service than the switch. Why does Nintendo just uses Nintendo network and put more features.