Trump vs. Obama: The Former President Throw Shade at his Successor (

Why Trump blasted Obama after the former President blasts his successor, and the current president wastes no time clapping back.

My chapter is about the post-rhetorical presidency and the way Obama used social media to sidestep the press. A trend continued by Trump, of course. Obama continued this trend across social media, especially leading up to the State of the Union. I cannot find any evidence of Trump doing remotely similar. 

Thank you, Mr. President, the real deal!

I woke up this morning to find President Obama on TV and for a moment there, I remember how
Obama disgraced our country when he gave speeches in foreign countries stating he was ashamed of America! And he made race relations reach their depths during his presidency! For the guy who secretly sent millions of dollars to Iran in the middle of the night? The same guy who gave guns to drug cartels? The same guy who went to bed when Americans was being attacked in Benghazi?
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Obama: Trump Capitalizing on Resentments:

(CNN)Just as Barack Obama was warning that America is in the grip of a politics of fear that undermines norms and political accountability, President Donald Trump was unleashing his latest assault on traditions of governance that underpin the nation's democracy.
"These are extraordinary times. Dangerous times," Obama warned in an extraordinary indictment of the behavior of a successor to whom he handed power in January 2017 and who has torn at the conventions that restrain presidents ever since, all according to CNN. 

President Barack Obama received an award on ethics in government from the University of Illinois on Friday, as he is set to begin campaigning for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

Ethics award to a man who sold us as a country out ? Yeah right. Seems like Obama strives for control of media but having trouble with some social media as trend moves toward Trump & return to AMERICAN values. We had to listen to you for 8 years ,so now get lost go back on vacation far far away. What exactly did he ever do for Chicago Illinois?
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I thought it all been a nightmare and I was finally awake. What a complete joke don’t inscribed it into a building as it will most likely soon have to be torn down but this is Illinois after all. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, but I did have a good reminder of what we had and now what we have. Illinois is out of their minds to give him anything. What a joke! I’m still waiting for answers why this SOB thought it was a good idea to allow the release of military weaponry into the Mexican population? A population where guns are illegal by the way.
Trump vs. Obama 2018

Trump: I fell asleep during Obama speech -

According to CNN sources, "while speaking at a fundraiser in Fargo, North Dakota, President Trump said he fell asleep during President Obama's speech at an Illinois college."

He never went there or even talked about Chicago or even addressed the problem that Illinois is having with the shootings. Obama started using social media in politics. Trump perfected it. One upping him again. A common trend if you haven't noticed. 

Thank you, my president, thank you President Barack Obama.

Vote Blue.