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This might be a great time to uninstall the Facebook app. Have you been blocked for 30 days for something you posted on your page 4-5 years ago?...let's talk about a new Social Network Facebook Trend called 'Facebook Jail'. 

Mark Zuckerberg appeases Islamic radicals even though he still gets death threats from Isis.

Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who got a 7-day s"cannot use this feature" (post messages) for a meme you've found on Facebook and reposted a few times.

Strangely, Facebook is clearly Conservative biased... we have (had) a Liberal politics page on Facebook for 5 years, 45000 followers... guess that's big enough to attract the attention of the Alt-Reich.

We were subjected to a flood of false complaints on HARMLESS posts, so the automated system banned us (from both our politics page AND our personal profile page) for 3 days, and when we returned, just 36 hours later, we were the recipient of a 7 day block, for ANOTHER harmless post.

We fully expect a 30 day block from Facebook shortly after I get back onto my account on Sunday 5/19/2018, from false reports from Alt-Reich Trump-Nazis (yes, I said "Nazi"), of course... I expect that this vicious circle will continue forever...either Facebook fully agrees with the Alt-Reich, or they just don't care.

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So, after being blocked by Facebook Democrats, I feel like, it's time to take a break from using the Facebook App.

"Taking a vacation from logging on to Facebook can make your stress hormones drop, but will you actually be happier? Keri Lumm shares a new study". BUZZ60 at USAToday 

AND let's not forget about the "growing concerns about how these companies use your data, following the scandal involving Facebook and political firm Cambridge Analytica." According to USAToday

Facebook's website has become a joke over the last three years. All they do now is silence anybody with intelligence and that can see through peoples bullshit.
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Facebook algorithms obviously  doesn't have a sense of humor or understand satire or context. They don't pull down stoning videos because it gets Facebook more attention.

They wonder why there are so many troll accounts on Facebook, well congratulations Facebook, you done it to yourselves.

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I've reported blatant racism, beatdown vids, animal torture (as you pointed out), child beating/abuse videos. Facebook responds that not a single one of those violates community standards. But my little spoof meme deserves seven day block.

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Facebook, the social networking site that's has no problem with scammers stealing pictures of sick or deformed babies and children but will give you the ban hammer for saying something that may or may not have offended someone. Facebook needs to get their shit together.