How The Galaxy Fold Became #FoldGate - Social Network Trend

Here's how the Samsung Galaxy Fold display deemed unusable within minutes of first use. Considering a few hundred units must have been given away, this is BAD Samsung.

I never liked Samsung. Too many disappointments. This comes as no surprise...Galaxy Fold, calling it 'FoldGate'.

Apple has of course made plenty of mistakes but I’d argue not as bad as the mistakes of Samsung. 3 of them actually pulled the protective layer of screen causing to break digitizer. There's an actual disclaimer inside the packaging of the phone.

Yet another reason why I prefer Apple’s strategy of waiting until technology is perfected over rushing to implement new features in the name of “the future”.

Someone has to take some chances and work on perfecting the technology, just so Apple can copy and overprice it.. *inovation* right? Besides that, Apple has made plenty of mistakes as well.

My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day.

Android Central is asking the question "Why are displays on Samsung's latest phone/tablet/thing failing? Well, there are two reasons."
According to CNN - "Samsung has delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold after there were reports that the device broke for some early users".

Because they always wants to be first and have the public to be their beta testers, that’s why Apple is never first, they wait until everything is ready! Samsung just delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold, we told you there were more issues than just peeling off the screen. We miss when Samsung Galaxy products would just explode or catch fire.

If Apple were to release a foldable phone, say, tomorrow, you’d say it’s copying even though Apple has had a foldable phone patent for 9 years. Atleast Samsung innovates and made something put of the “glass sandwich” box, hence the 1st gen of fold with inevitable problems. And these are reviewer units and reviewers did their job of finding issues and samsung will resolve these issues in the consumer units.

Just because Samsung is the first to release something doesn’t mean first to think of it. Apple waits until they’re sure that the tech won’t break after one day.

Let's hope this was all because of that damaged upper protective layer that looked like a screen protector and Samsung will be shipping the Galaxy Fold on time to people  who pre-ordered it with a big Caution sticker about the film pasted everywhere.

Conclusion -

The issue is the reviewers peeled off part of the plastic screen, despite instruction clearly stating not to. And when you actually try to set it down anywhere that isn't silk the screen scratches.

They both have their own drawbacks and I think both will suffer from random debris going in the hinge. Samsung has a far better track record on their new products working than Apple, just look at the history of the MacBook.

Also some of these review units aren't the final retail version. Many of them are European non u.s models with pre-beta software and non finalized hardware!