Hootsuite Locked Doors On 100 Employees In Vancouver - Social Network Trends

DEVELOPING: SocialNetworkTrends News has learned Hootsuite, the Vancouver-based social media management company, has laid off more than 100 employees


What's their revenue or market growth been like lately? We feel like they aren't as powerful or relevant as they once were.


The image above is close-up of sign posted at entrance of Hootsuite in Vancouver.

It’s obvious doors aren’t normally locked during business hours because workers seem surprised when they have to use pass cards to get in. Still waiting for anyone to comment on layoffs confirmed earlier today.

According to Vancouver Sun. "Vancouver tech company Hootsuite lays off staff -
Today Hootsuite communicated organizational changes in order to drive greater alignment with our growing company's strategic priorities that best serve our customers." = we cut some costs.

The cuts come just months after a report it was exploring a US $750m sale.


The above pic shows outside Hootsuite headquarters in Vancouver. We've tried to talk to a couple people coming out about dozens of layoffs confirmed today as ‘restructuring,’ but they’ve waved me off. Doors are locked and all media enquiries are being directed to company email.

Meanwhile, Hootsuite is remaining tightlipped on the number of people it's laying off and how the Vancouver office will be affected. Yes the sale didn't go through now the truth comes out they're hemorrhaging money.

Canada tries to compete with the us but with their tax rate not going to happen.

Another one bites the dust.