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Uber and Lyft drivers in major cities around the world are on strike in an effort to draw attention to several issues, including decreasing wages and a lack of job security.

Here’s what we know so far according to the NPR. "Ahead of Uber's initial public offering, drivers for Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies plan to strike, turning off the apps as they flex their collective muscles to say: What about us?Drivers in 10 cities
across the country are taking action on Wednesday to draw attention to what they say are decreasing wages for drivers and a distressing lack of job security — and some are calling on passengers to temporarily boycott the ride-hailing services, too.
Among thedrivers' demands in Los Angelesare a 10% cap on commissions taken by Uber and Lyft, hourly minimum pay and fare breakdowns on passenger receipts that show the companies' take. New York driversare demanding
an end to sudden account deactivations and the right to appeal through the courts.”

The quote support the theory because in no business in the United States should the employee provide the capital (car), the man power, and incur losses (depreciation of car, gas, insurance etc.), and have to pay their employer fees ranging between 30%-40% of their wages.


Global Uber/Lyft Strike Today. Uber drivers don’t have even the most basic workers’ rights. Billions go the bosses while the drivers get poverty pay. DO NOT take an Uber or a Lyft today the hashtag is currently trending on Twitter. 

Wouldn’t an ‘Uber Strike’ be something for their drivers to do?  If they aren’t striking then why would taking away business be something they’d want?

Walk, take a bus, carpool w/ a friend, scuba in a canal. Getting the poor working class to use their own cars, insurance, and gas to service passengers who can be drunk or abusive is the worst kind of predatory business model. Uber and Lyft are just phone apps that do nothing more than take a cut and exploit people.