Jason Momoa Dad Bod - Body Shamed On Social Media - Social Network Trends

People really body shaming Jason Momoa -

Have you watched Aquaman, or indeed anything with Jason Momoa in it? On social media, people are body shaming him for the shape he’s in currently, the rest of us are clearly fucked. I mean, how can this be considered BAD? 

Jason Mamoa is getting body shamed on the internet today for this picture of him on vacation because he’s “fat now” and has a “dad bod”... and I’m officially never taking my shirt off ever again as long as I live. Not even in the shower.

This is the photo Jason Momoa is being body shamed for online.

 - Photo of Shirtless Jason Momoa Standing By A Pool -

Dad bod? You’re right. Looking at pictures of Jason Momoa def makes me want to call him “daddy".

To add. Do these fat shaming pukes think Jason Momoa has only existed in the industry just in the last few years? Before he started buffing up for certain roles, he was always fit, but not muscular like he was as Aquaman.

If I looked like this, I'd never wear clothes again.

- A Screen shot of Body Shaming Tweets from Fans of Jason Mamoa - 
Proof that no matter how hot you are, there's always some loser out there waiting to bring you down. Any fool who thinks Jason Momoa is fat needs to have their head examined.