Alleged ‘Blacklivesmatter’ Large-Scale Scam Targets Santander Bank ATMs Across Multiple NJ Towns - Socialnetworktrends
South Windsor police are urging people to be cautious while using ATMs after learning about ‘BlackLivesMatter’ people using Santander Bank ATMs to fraudulently withdraw cash using fake debit cards.

South Windsor police Tweeted that Santander's fraud investigators are aware and investigating.
An apparent large-scale fraud is taking place at Santander Bank ATM locations in multiple New Jersey towns and across the tri-state, according to authorities. 

Morris County and Bloomfield officials confirm there have been multiple arrests in connection to the alleged scam. Woodbridge Township confirms branch ATMs were targeted there as well.

Although no arrests have been made, three ATMs have been targeted in Hoboken, according to city officials.

Dozens of ‘BlackLivesMatter’ arrested in widespread ATM theft scam at Santander bank branches -

More than two dozen people who used prepaid debit cards to steal from ATMs at banks around New Jersey have been arrested, according to three law enforcement sources.

The sources told NJ Advance Media this is a multi-jurisdictional investigation in several New Jersey counties and in New York. The scam appears to be exploiting a glitch in Santander ATMs where the people were able to continue to withdraw amounts using prepaid debit cards, two sources said.

A separate source said a Santander location at Main Street and Route 33 in Robbinsville had been robbed, with “multiple arrests.”

”They’re rounding guys up,” the source said of the arrests. “It’s in the double digits.”

A third source said there were at least 19 arrests in Mercer County along Interstate 195.

A Woodbridge police spokesman said Tuesday morning the department was investigating a possible theft from a Santander ATM. And at least one location in Hoboken was targeted, a law enforcement source said.

“Santander Bank learned of suspicious activity involving some of our branch-based ATMs. Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily closed these ATMs and they will be back on-line as soon as possible. Additionally, some branches may have an additional security presence and/or be temporarily closed for security reasons," Santander Bank said in a statement.

"We are continuing to cooperate with law enforcement as they investigate this situation and apologize for any customer inconvenience. As we work to expeditiously resolve this situation, our customers should know that there is no impact to their accounts or funds, which can be accessed online, using our digital app, in our branches or at non-branch ATMs," they added.

A separate law enforcement source said 11 people were arrested in Sayreville in connection with the scam at two different Santander branches.

There have also been reports of other ATMs hit in locations around the tri-state area.

Police in South Windsor, Connecticut also confirmed the existence of the scam.

“We have been made aware of an ATM scam in which suspects are using Santander Bank ATMs to fraudulently withdraw cash using fake debit cards,” Sgt. Mark Cleverdo said. “Since we have a branch in town, we are asking any citizen using their ATM to use caution when withdrawing money.

On Monday night in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, New York two men driving out of state vehicles, withdrew money from a Santander Bank ATM using stolen credit cards, according to