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"Black is King" doesn't even crack the top five - SocialNetworkTrends.

Beyonce's new-- I don't want to call it a hit, per se, but Beyonce's new "Black is King." And here to discuss that with us is Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal

“And Alexandra, when we look at it, I guess Beyonce's "Black is King" is not necessarily delivering the viewership that you might expect for the queen.



Right. And Beyonce's "Black is King," it's a new visual album. It dropped on Disney Plus on Friday. And it was widely expected to do incredibly well. One of the songs that is featured in the film, "Brown Skinned Girl, won a BET Award. Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, makes several guest appearances.


And like you said, it's Beyonce. You expect that anything that woman touches turns to gold here. But according to new data by Seven Part, it seems like the film did not do as well as expected. So if we look at some of the top titles on Disney Plus, from August 1st to August 3rd, we'll see that "Black is King" doesn't even crack the top five.”


At number one, we have "The Incredibles 2," followed by "Frozen 2," "The Muppets," "Hamilton"-- that musical really holding its own one month after its July 3rd debut. It's doing bonkers on the platform. But "Black is King" finishes off all the way at number 10, attracting less than 4% of total users.